Guage Root Valves


  • Designed for connecting impulse lines & transmitters.
  • Bar stock construction.
  • Standard Working Pressure 6000 PSI with PTFE packing. Grafoil offered for higher temperatures.
  • Soft Seat Valves available on request.
  • Standard NPT End Connections. BSP / BSPT / ANPT Threads available on Request.
  • Heat Code traceability.
  • NACE MR-0- 175 Compliant materials available on request.
  • All Components are Ultrasonically cleaned prior to assembly.
  • Pneumatic seat test is performed at 1000 PSI. Medium –  Nitrogen gas.
  • Hydrostatic seat test is performed at 1.1 times the working pressure.
  • Hydrostatic shell test is performed at 1.5 times the working pressure
  • All the Valves are 100% Factory Tested.
  • 3.1 Certificates furnished. 3.2 certificates available on request.
  • Vent Plugs or Bleed Valves provided on request.

Data Sheet

End Connections
Model No
  Male x Female   FB-GRV-HS-88-MF
  Male x Female   FB-GRV-H-S-88-MF-137mm
  Male x Female   FB-GRV-H-S-88-MF-184mm
  Male x Female   FB-GRV-SS-88-MF-137mm
  Male x Female   FB-GRV-SS-88-MF-184mm

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