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Currently, most of our sales come in form of direct sales thanks to years of God will created in the Domestic markets. We have no Dealers or representatives in any markets and we understand that we need Channel partners for grow further. We are interested to appoint sales representatives/ dealers/ distributors all over the world or say region specific. Should you be interested in joining hands with our company for sales.
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Trust you would have checked our website and products. We are an key player in the Oil and Gas industry of India with major approvals from big Oil & Gas companies. Our track records spans for more than 35 years and still counting. With the Indian Economy doing so well and consumption that is bound to grow, there are many global manufacturers who wish to set up facilities in India to be a part of this growth. You will be pleased to know that we have adequate spare capacity for manufacturing (i.e. Land, Labour, Electricity etc ) and are interested in increasing our range of manufactured products. Should you be interested in venturing into India with a local company having a strong domestic presence, we are an ideal choice. We are currently working with many Sourcing centres in India and have supplies across the globe supplying quality parts to OEM's. We are also strategically located near the major ports of India. We look forward to receiving proposals for Collaboration / Joint Venture for manufacturing and at the same time remain at your disposal for any other details that might be required from us.

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Mr. Shrenik Vadhar ( Director )

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